FreshVR cover for any kind of VR headsets like Meta Quest, HTC, Varjo PSVR and Pico.

Our 100% cotton covers help make your VR experience more enjoyable. Ideal for workouts and games, but also for occasions where the headset has to be shared. It enhances comfort by wicking sweat away quickly. Designed to fit comfortably to your face, they also protect your VR goggles from sweat or make-up. The moisture-wicking masks are made of terry cloth with an OEKO-TEX certificate which means the fabric won’t harm your skin. You have never felt more confident and fresh while playing your favorite VR games.

The masks come in a pack of two so that you can swap one for the other when necessary. Easy to use, one size fits all.  They come in two colours; cute Pink and cool Grey.

(Machine-)washable and reusable, these masks offers a convenient, practical way to improve hygiene on your face and headset. With these covers you will be sustainable and you won’t produce any more waste.